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Seasoning has looked at  the shape-shifting nature of the folk process, the blurs and echoes of folk and vernacular arts in what we do today.

 Research and collaborations  involved traditional musicians, a DJ, crate digging, writers and archivists, local collections and venues, more crate digging...I contacted folk and social history archivist Doc Rowe and he brought his film "Parted Friends" to the Ulverston Hope And Anchor.  At Cecil Sharp House Mike Willoughby and me found songs from this area which we are  feeding back into the tradition and the local repertoire. 

Ste, Damo and me devised two audio pieces pieces for radio and performance.

The Human Organs have taken to the streets and the woods with our elbow-driven techno.

Elsewhere here's a shot at linking the pantheist pastoral side of english psychedelia with the romanticism of composers Ralph Vaughn Williams and George Butterworth. Artists looking beyond the territory of rock n roll and European classicism to folk tunes, songs, nursery rhymes and seeing paralell worlds moving at different speeds, unaware of each other. Recorded on Armistice Day.

" To Every Thing" is a patchwork of sounds and images from the year, a lens and a mic largely pointed away from the action to quiet spots and, again, to worlds unaware of each other and moving at different speeds. See Video page.


Serves Twelve is built around a narrative and a recipie for the All Soul's night delicacy Soul Cakes. You'll hear  the BBC's SFX vinyl, Field Recordings, a nursery song of slaughter and  narration from Jennie Dennett..a recording was featured in the Radiophrenia festival during November 2017 in Glasgow. See the Audio page

Piccadilly Sunshine is A SHORT STORY set in 1967-68, the dark nights are coming in after the summer of love. Two smaller and less idealistic players are wondering what kind of deals they'll have to make if they're get to the next era without starving or having to leave the game, whichever is worse. The story draws on the information available within and around  2 slices of paisley-exploitation vinyl from 1967-68.  See the merch page.




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