John Hall  researched the contents of the station's vinyl collection and playing some of his findings on the

 Gordon Swindlehurst show. There were 8 broadcasts, here's a couple of excerpts where you can hear some of the findings, which include the Los Angeles Gospel Choir, a 3 year old Vietnamese Folksinger, Ron Geesin, Petula Clarke, Scott Walker, Bill Oddie and others.. .

Thanks to Gordon ( right, below), Jennie Dennett , Richard Nankivale and Graham Marsh at The BBC for setting this up.

PO BOX 25/4 LID 

is a short story for voice and acoustic instruments, delivered here by Glenn Boulter and John Hall . It was developed using material from Barrow Local Studies Library and was performed at Barrow Library in 2015 as the project's contribution to the Spectral Stories event by Cumbrian artists Hugs Bison.. Audio here is from an earlier version. The text is available in booklet form.


is the partner piece to " For The Record". Devised for Hannah FM, this version for voice, guitar , cassette machines and performance vinyl was broadcast as part of the Radiophrenia festival from Glasgow in 2015, and on Resonance FM as part of the festival highlights package.