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 Ste Tyson and John Hall's charity shop DJ Set, featuring the records described  in the Sweet Charity Box Edition.

A composition of spoken word, musical excerpts and entire tracks , debuted here at the Hope And Anchor, Ulverston  and performed again at  Other Worlds festival, Blackpool in 2016.


thanks to BBC Radio Cumbria for a stack of amazing SOUND EFFECTS records..John Hall and Ste Tyson have composed  a DJ set from them. Here's the latest rehearsal prior to the performance on Feb 25, a full 20+ minutes, with the score to be found elsewhere on this page. It begins with  a section called "Tugboat Duet."  The first sound isn't a tugboat at all, its an Ocean Liner called the Aquitania, and the background sound is "Polar Wind."  There's also a fragment of video from a live set.

"Breathy steam hooters echoing with fog horns with back notes of hacking coughs. Thanks John Hall for a surreal and enjoyable time."

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