The project explored local museums ,archives and collections, including the BBC vinyl library, Barrow Local Studies Collection, Dalton Castle and the archives of the Ribston School former pupils association.


Audience and participants comments include:

"Top innovative stuff, we need more of this."


"Breathy steam hooters echoing with fog horns with back notes of hacking coughs. Thanks John Hall for a surreal and enjoyable time."


"What a fantastic night.

I loved your video and music pieces, They were so touching - something about the richness of everyday experience - the river at the end of the road, the blazer on the back of the chair. something elegiac about them, too - the fleeting nature of those moments."

"It's been a great experience for me, both in terms of learning and enjoyment. So thank you very much for that."


 "What a fantastic project, and it sounds like the children really enjoyed it too."


"It's been a pleasure to work with you, and thank you for seeing Dalton's potential. Good luck to you as well with all future projects. Kelley seems very enthusiastic to develop our relationship with you, so I'm sure there'll be further exciting opportunities ahead. (National Trust)

" ...quiet beauty....a compilation about records in every context: archives, museums, sounds, vinyl, music, photos, videos and memory..  A four-handed play for voices also reminded me  that memory can be highly subjective. I liked the interplay between its characters as they switched moods. .. The expression herding cats comes to mind but what a brilliant herder and what interesting cats."