FLYPAPER is a Quartlery fold-out poster zine exploring vernacular creativity and ritual. Its four editions to date deal with the evolution of the intentionally terrible right wing meme; Children's playground games and the folk-process- as virus (with Poet Kate Davies); Football fan platforms and Ulverston's gentleman anarchist Martin Gilbert.

  Martin was a student in the USA during the late 60's and early 70's. During this time he did a bit of what you might expect and a bit of what you might not. To supplement his studies Martin sold the alternative press on the streets of  Atlanta and San Franscisco. Haight-Ashbury.  Short, sweet, illustrated  and in no way the whole story, Flypaper 4 looks at the times through the papers, flyers and community newsletters  he brought back with him, excerpts from a chat with Martin and from email exchanges between Ulverston and  Atlanta with Stephanie Coffin, co-founder of The Great Speckled Bird. 

 The 5th ish is  28 page glossy that serves to document the RE project and includes home made and personalised / vandalised record sleeves, barely decipherable folk dance cassettes, the Ulverston Oss, the Horngarth, flyposters and the story behind a bit of 60's graffitti.

The most recent was handed over to  Dot Dennett, a local maker, and it gives you a step by step visual guide to building Beadbots. 

More to come.

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