This site presents John Hall's recent solo and collaborative projects including video, soundworks, performances and other visual art work. These have involved traditional musicians, schools, DJs, broadcasters, actors and national and regional archives in  creative examinations of locality.

This has led to a developing focus on arcane forms of expression and ritual celebration and their place within (rather than alongside) popular culture. John is pursuing this interest independently and introduce these themes to collaborative work in 2019/20 .

   Elsewhere John's work  continues to provide often overlapping spaces for individual and collaborative practice around community and locality through new partnerships with artists, schools, and community groups.

During 2020John worked as artist and Project Manager on "Soft Drive" and "Ritual Exchange  respectively explorations of  the mediators of communal memory and vernacular creativity. 

Johns 2020 film 'Horngarth' on the craft and logistics of the Whitby Penny Hedge Service  featured in this years Whitby and Furness Tradition folk festivals, and  has been hosted by the Folklore Society. Other work on the Horngarth, including music and video, text and audio montage  are on this site, along with print and vinyl editions on the merch pages

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" there's a great air of reassurance carried in your film. Perhaps it's the combination of Lol's rich voice and his steady pace recounting the why's and wherefores, unquestioning something that is and that will be..I hope Lol et al can make it happen next year.' 


"A delightful and gentle film"


An intriguing meditation on tradition. Really well put together. (Horngarth audience comments)


"Serves Twelve"

".. a really lovely yet subtly disquieting piece." 

(Radiophrenia Festival)


I saw and heard an evocation of our local hill. I watched a piece of film of George Butterworth and Cecil sharp dancing (a film I have personally watched many times) but saw it through very different eyes. I Heard the words of a poet from Dalton’s 19th Century industrial history singing out here and now. A dusty fragment of 60’s vinyl recording history fascinated us and turned into an imagined world of the dense ordinariness of making pop music in the form of a written story read to us in a dimly lit room. 

 All involving, evolving and experiential leading to a performance of sound effects, voices and vinyl. Could it be all the voices and writings from the past, the sounds of here and now all emerging from hundreds of record crates? All of this is moving and emerging and offering an insight into a year’s worth of thoughts, exploration and glimpses of the bones of bigger projects and pieces in development."

Gordon Jones EFDSS / Furness Tradition Festival 

"Top innovative stuff, we need more of this"

(Seasoning Audience comment)


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Wire Magazine